Monday, 29 August 2005

Do Extremists Dream Of Cowardly Sheep?

I’ve been getting very angry recently with all these Al-Qaeda scum that have been living in the woodwork here in the UK. It makes me mad when they use our democratic principles as a defence against the justice they deserve.

Take, for example, the case of one extremist who has recently closed his anti-Western, anti-democratic website. He has been whinging that Britain is an oppressive country that is thwarting his human right to freedom of speech by threatening to deport him for his views. Excuse me? Oppressive? Is that why he came here in the first place? Is that why he is so desperate to replace democracy with a monarchic system based on fundamentalist claptrap? Because democracy is SO oppressive? Well, he has now said that he will find a country where he can share his views on the overthrow of human rights without being persecuted. Good riddance.

All this hypocrisy does just make me want to throw my guts up. For all the mistakes the Labour party have made recently (like top-up fees) that are, by and large, anti-Socialist rather than in-keeping with the tenets of the Labour movement, I do feel that harsh rules on deportation are a good thing. I for one am a Socialist but clearly what we need in the prevention of terrorism is some good old-fashioned real politik. If that means kicking out a bunch of psychotic people who will happily blow up their own kind and preach to impressionable teenage muslims –who have their whole lives ahead of them – to do the blowing up then so be it.

That’s the funny thing though, isn’t it? The clerics are the ones preaching jihad, that every good muslim should give his life, yet when it comes to the crunch, they’re the ones who leg it before the going gets tough. Cowards.

Saturday, 27 August 2005


This is the start of an overdue blog.

Don't get your expectations too high though. I'm very lazy.

Good Night!