Saturday, 3 September 2005

The Diary Of Graham Perve (Part One)

I came across Evad today. He didn’t see me, because I was concealed behind a wall and he was in his house. He was having breakfast and it was toast with marmalade. I think he may like marmalade a tad too much, verging on a marmalade obsession. At the moment this is conjecture. I will have to investigate his love for marmalade further before I make any firm judgements.

After sitting outside his house behind the wall for about three hours, I made my way into town for an appointment with doctor Munk (pictured).

Doctor Munk said that he thought I was becoming worse in my condition and needed heavier medication. I told Doctor Munk that I had suffered another nightmare about him in which he killed me with a barometer. Doctor Munk sighed when I told him this and proceeded to stroke my inner thigh. I don’t understand why he does that. After the appointment I followed Doctor Munk to his home, though he did not see me because I was disguised as a pantomime camel. When I got to his house I took another picture of him without him noticing and went home to develop them in the attic.

Dr Munk’s private parts look very small in the photograph I took at his house, but then he was in a bath of ice. He has a lot of welts on his back and legs.

I returned to Evad’s house and sat behind the wall. Evad was covered in paint again. Presumably he is painting his whole house red. While he was in a back room I crept up towards the front of the house and took note of the layout of drainpipes and upstairs windows in readiness for my plan on Monday (5th September), when I know he will be out for a meeting. I must remember to buy some new film for my camera before Monday.

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