Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A Dictionary of Sgrabble #1

Ependeturous, adj

1. An addition at the end of something else.

    a. Lit. The addition to an article not written by the original author(s). Most often on an interactive journal, online blog or act of Exquisite Corpse. In the case of the lattermost it will refer to the final entry.

Related forms: Ependeturously (adv), ependeturial (adj. rare), ependetement (noun).

Known usage:

First known usage is by Dominic J. Allen signing off an ependeturous ependetement on a cohort's (Christopher Stokes) blog:

"Yours ependeturously,

Dominic J. Allen


1 comment:

Chris Stokes said...

Here's an ependetement, where the only relevance it bears to your original post/article is the use of the word 'ependetement.' I say, I could do with you furnishing me with the surname of that Belgy Simonface from C Venues, for the little Boycott-Deathtrap-in-Edinburgh film I've knocked together. Ta. I look forward to your next posting.