Thursday, 25 September 2008

A Dictionary of Sgrabble #2 - 'Reprobatic'

Reprobatic, adj.

1. Referring to someone or something or somewhere that is a reprobate in its nature AND in its physicality.

2. An act of professional gymnastics where an acrobat outperforms an immediate predecessor in an adjudicated competition by performing the exact same moves, throws, catches, landings and deportments better, e.g. 'Blaine Wilson executed an absolutely reprobatic coup there, didn't he, your ladyship, Liberal Democrat Baroness Shirley Williams.'


Chris Stokes said...

Would the adverb be 'reprobatically?' As in, "Reprobate Littlejohn reprobatically wrote another reprobatic article?"

Dominic J Allen said...

Yes. It would.