Thursday, 25 September 2008

World Wide Waste #001 -

I am sick to the high, back teeth with pathetic purposeless excuses for the way the English language has changed and continues to change.

Take a quick gander at this parasitic website:

Only don't! It's awful! Not only does it defile the name of the Bard by riddling it with pop-ups and commerical booby-traps, it tells lies! LIES!

On one page it panders to the simpering idiotic generation-x reprobatic morons (who infest mainstream education and waylay the truly gifted and intelligent) by excusing the fact that Shakespeare wrote in Elizabethan English. It goes so far as to explain that what seems like non-Standard English to us, was Standard English to him. Bollocks! There was no 'Standard' English then. Dialect differences alone could render communities incommunicable.

It then goes on to spout more trite glibettes: Shakespeare had less words than us. What? Nonsense! If he had less words to use than us, then surely every word of his would still be in common usage. Linguistic evolution relies on vocabulary systems being streamlined. Morphology simplifies, the language standardises, words get dumped. Not the other way around!

I think it made me most cross because that paltry nonsense was offered up as an excuse. "Please forgive Mr. Shakespeare," they hoot, "he didn't know any better."

Rubbish! Shakespeare was a genius! If they can't be bothered to work at it a little bit or go and see some Shakespeare then they don't deserve to take pleasure in the breadth of his insight and imagination.

Send them to the wall! TO THE WALL!

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